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Compensate combats climate change by offering everyone easy access to carbon capture. To achieve this mission, Compensate combines a market-disrupting sustainability approach with scalable software solutions.

Below, you'll find guides to the Compensate look, FAQs and resources, and all of Compensate's downloadable assets.

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Compensate’s color theme focuses on slightly softened black and white. The tones are Carbon and Mist.

In addition to Carbon and Mist, Wave is also part of the color theme. Carbon and Mist should be used as the dominant colors. Images are a vital part of the brand identity and bring color to the otherwise monochromatic color theme. Wave is an additional color and should only be used in small details, such as buttons or highlights. Light Wave should only be used as a background color.


Compensate’s typography consists of the Circular type family designed by Lineto.

Circular is a geometric sans-serif typeface. The purely geometric letterforms of Circular and the circle shaped symbol C of Compensate are a perfect match.


The Compensate iconography is based on the style and forms of the Compensate symbol “C” and the typography of Compensate.

All of the icons represent key principles or features of Compensate. Always make sure to use the icons according to the proper feature.


Compensate combats climate change by offering everyone easy access to carbon capture.

You can find basic introductions to Compensate via these resources in English and in Finnish. Texts and intros can be customized depending on the use case and target audience.

On Compensate in English On Compensate in Finnish Communications principles & social media

Partner labels

All partners can freely use Compensate’s partner labels in their own marketing efforts. These labels can be placed on your website, in email signatures, in your store, on physical product packaging, or anywhere else you’d like to showcase your commitment to the climate. 

To get started, reach out to our team at for the label files and instructions for using them.

See all partner labels

UI/UX Guidelines

These guidelines should be treated as an essential tool for anyone working on behalf of Compensate. The most common use case is integrating Compensate into an online checkout process.

UI/UX Guidelines


Compensate's sustainability approach Compensate Credit Carbon Store Carbon Store API

FAQs & documentation

FAQ: Compensate Climate Action App (for individuals) FAQ: Compensate Plus Carbon Store API docs


The logo package includes both Compensate logo styles in vector and raster formats. Logo animations are in the logo video package.

The icon package includes Compensate’s icons in vector (SVG, Adobe Illustrator) and raster formats (PNG). The color library includes Adobe Swatch Exchange file with all Compensate colors.

Download logo package Download the video logo package Download the icon package Download the color library View Compensate's photo bank (Google Drive)

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