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To save the climate, we must minimize emissions and remove the extra CO2 from the atmosphere

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Compensate for your business

Compensate is a nonprofit combating climate change by offering everyone easy access to carbon capture.

"Compensate’s rigorous and transparent approach aligns with our founding principle to know the causes of things, for the betterment of society." – The London School of Economics and Political Science

"By partnering with Compensate, we are bringing awareness to the importance of protecting existing forests, for both the climate, wildlife and local communities." – Supercell

Compensate for your business

Compensate your business emissions

Freelancers and small businesses

Easily calculate and compensate your business' carbon footprint, and track the impact of your offsetting, all in one in our Compensate Plus service. With multiple emission calculators to choose from, you are in control of which areas you want to track and how. Calculate your emissions on the go daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, without expensive consultants. Offsetting lets you take climate action for your still unavoidable emissions.

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Compensate API


Compensate’s API gives you access to a vast, ever-growing database of emission calculations on product, service and category levels. The API calculates the price of offsetting instantly, giving you near real time access to Compensate’s highly selective carbon capture portfolio and lets you and your customers easily take climate action.

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Tailored business solutions


Whether your customers are individuals or businesses, or if you are looking to utilize existing calculations for offsetting, Compensate can be easily integrated into a variety of products, services and businesses. Or perhaps you have a totally new idea? We’ll connect you to the highest quality carbon capture in the market, and support you in emissions calculations, concept design, and communications.

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Why choose Compensate

Carbon capture, guided by science

Compensate's project criteria and Scientific Advisory Panel of leading climate experts helps us identify the most cost effective, reliable and sustainable means of carbon capture, and manage a diverse carbon capture portfolio.

Our sustainability approach

Overcompensation to ensure impact

With our built-in overcompensation, more carbon dioxide is always removed than what a product, service or action causes. It ensures actual climate impact and tackles the risks involved in all carbon capture projects.

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Nonprofit with full transparency

We take no cuts from compensation payments. We use the funds to buy certified carbon credits, and always disclose our finances and projects for everyone to see.

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Our impact in action

3 010 964

m² of rainforest protected

6 624 120

trees sequestering CO₂ all year round

1 380 025 000

cups of coffee saved


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Do you know your personal climate impact?

Turn climate anxiety into climate action. With the Compensate Climate Action app, you can understand your personal carbon footprint, take action to reduce your CO₂ emissions and compensate for the rest! You can update your footprint and compensation subscription at any time, and see how your personal impact is adding up. If you need to fly, it's also possible to evaluate the climate impact of different flight options and compensate for your past and future flights.

Our app is available in most EU countries and the UK – more countries to come!


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