Let's become carbon negative now.

As long as we are creating emissions, the least we should do is clean up after ourselves

Who is responsible for the atmosphere?

The responsibility is on us, the people. Nobody else will solve the climate crisis for us.

There is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Reducing emissions is the primary way to fight climate change. However, it is not enough. We also need to start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Towards carbon negativity

Only we can stop climate change. We must begin taking responsibility now.
Start now
Compensating our emissions should be a part of our everyday life. We are building a system that enables this.
We offer ways for compensating carbon dioxide emissions so that people and companies can act more responsibly.
We direct all of the compensation payments to carbon sink projects. We are constantly in a search for the most cost-efficient ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

About us

Compensate is a not-for-profit foundation that offers people ways to live a carbon negative life.


Compensate is currently in negotiations with various companies about the possibility for cooperation.

Invite your friends in

Together we can truly make a change. Invite your friend to join you in the journey towards a carbon negative lifestyle.