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For offsetting to have an impact, it must be done right

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Compensate combats climate change by offering everyone easy access to high-quality carbon projects.

"Compensate’s rigorous and transparent approach aligns with our founding principle to know the causes of things, for the betterment of society." – The London School of Economics and Political Science

"Compensate provides us peace of mind, as we can rely on their integrity and expertise in carbon footprint calculations and as a carbon project portfolio manager. Ensuring that our commitments have a demonstrated climate impact is crucial to us." – Relex

Compensate for your business

Compensate your business emissions

Carbon Store

  • Buy high-quality carbon credits to offset the emissions of your business
  • Get access to free emission calculators (more calculators coming soon)
  • Follow the impact of your carbon offsets in easy-to-understand terms
  • Communicate your climate actions with impact reports and certificates
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Enterprise Carbon Offsetting

No resources to calculate your carbon footprint? Unsure about how to communicate your climate action? Our all-inclusive services cover everything: carbon footprint calculation, emission reports, carbon offsetting, climate impact dashboard, and communications support. For larger offsetting needs we may be able to tailor the portfolio of carbon projects according to your needs.

Customers using our all-inclusive services rate us 4.6/5!

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Why choose Compensate

Scientific evaluation

Only 10% of screened carbon projects accredited by international standards, such as Gold Standard and Verra, pass our scientific evaluation criteria and can demonstrate a true climate impact.

A portfolio approach

We maximize your climate impact and mitigate risks by managing a dynamic and diverse portfolio of carbon projects with different methods around the globe.


Our in-built overcompensation mechanism mitigates risks related to carbon projects and uncertainties in carbon footprint calculations, providing a more robust compensation claim compared to standard carbon credits.

Impact beyond climate

We operate exclusively with carbon projects with a net positive impact on the environment, biodiversity, social justice, and human rights. Our projects support all the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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White Paper 2022: Get the Claims Right and Avoid Greenwashing

How to make credible and transparent net zero or carbon neutrality claims? Download our white paper to learn more.

White Paper 2021: Call for a More Sustainable Carbon Market

90% of carbon capture projects fail our criteria – but why? Learn more in Compensate's white paper - get your free copy here .

Our impact in action

5 783 353

m² of rainforest protected

12 723 378

trees sequestering CO₂ all year round

2 650 703 815

cups of coffee saved
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Do you know your personal climate impact?

Turn climate anxiety into climate action. With the Compensate Climate Action app, you can understand your personal carbon footprint, take action to reduce your CO₂ emissions and compensate for the rest! You can update your footprint and compensation subscription at any time, and see how your personal impact is adding up. If you need to fly, it's also possible to evaluate the climate impact of different flight options and compensate for your past and future flights.

Our app is available in most EU countries and the UK – more countries to come!


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