Frequently asked questions

Carbon footprint

What does the term carbon negativity mean?
What is a "carbon footprint"?
What is the most effective way to decrease one's carbon footprint?

CO2 Compensation

Why should I compensate my carbon emissions?
Is compensating greenwashing or just buying indulgances? Does it mean that I can fly more?
Does compensation actually make any difference, considering that the emissions caused by my actions are already in the atmosphere?
What are "emission reduction projects"? Are they certified?
What is a "certified carbon credit," and how is its price determined?
What kind of carbon capture projects does Compensate invest in?
How is the amount of carbon captured by forests calculated?
What does "additionality" mean?
We can't simply cover the entire earth with trees. What other methods do we have to remove carbon from the atmosphere?
Will Compensate channel any of the payments it collects into other carbon capture mechanisms besides forestation?

User Landing

What does overcompensation mean?
What does overcompensation mean?
How is my payment used?
Why should I compensate my carbon emissions?
What is a "carbon footprint"?
What kind of carbon capture projects does Compensate invest in?
Who is Compensate?

Compensate's principles

For the individual consumer, how does Compensate work?
Doesn't Compensate keep some of the compensation payments it collects to cover its own administrative costs?
What other approaches to combating climate change does Compensate support?


What can you buy in the Compensate webshop?
How can I start compensating monthly?
How can I cancel my monthly compensation subscription?
How is my monthly payment used?
Can I make a single purchase instead of committing to a monthly subscription?
Can I compensate on behalf of someone else?
What should I do if I am having problems with my order or payment?
Why do I need to re-verify my identity / my compensation payment again?
What is SCA?
Why do I need to take extra steps to verify my identity while beginning to compensate?