Frequently asked questions: E-commerce solutions

Here you can find answers to common questions related to Compensate's e-commerce plugins.


What is the Compensate app?

Am I eligible to use the Compensate app?

How does the app actually work?

What features does the app have?

What does it cost for my customers to offset their shipments?

How is VAT handled in the app?



What is included in the emission calculations?

How did Compensate conduct the calculations? Have the calculations been verified?


Will I know if my customers use the app?


The app doesn’t have my language.

The app doesn’t have my currency.

I have another issue.


How does Compensate use the compensation payments?

What are carbon credits?

How does Compensate ensure it delivers climate impact?

What do “overcompensation” mean?

What is carbon negativity? Why is it important?


What kind of data does Compensate collect from me, my store, or my customers?

Where can I find the agreement/Terms of Use?

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