Carbon Store API

Automate your journey to carbon neutral

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Carbon Store API

Calculate emissions and start offsetting

  • With Carbon Store API, you can automatically calculate and compensate emissions. You may include the cost of offsetting in the price of your products and services or offer offsetting as an option for your clients. 

Compensate based on existing calculations

  • If you already know your emissions, our API allows you to put a price on carbon and compensate these emissions easily.

We offer you a portfolio of high-integrity carbon projects to support your climate goals.

Reliable and easy Carbon Store API gives you access to a high-quality carbon project portfolio and ensure that your climate actions have the desired impact.

Use our API to report the impact of the carbon credits you have purchased, as well as create custom dashboards to communicate your climate actions to your customers.

Use Cases

Carbon Store API can be used in various fields of businesses to calculate emissions, automate offsetting, and report positive climate impact.

E-Commerce & Shipping

Our calculators help you understand the emissions of shipping and of all your products or services. You can also calculate the cost of offsetting them. At checkout, you can offer your customers an option to compensate the emissions of their purchase and/or shipping. If you prefer you can include offsetting in your product and shipping prices.

Banking and Loyalty Cards

With bank, credit, and loyalty cards, transactions can be the basis for offsetting calculations that allow you to provide voluntary compensation for consumers. It is also possible to allow them to turn loyalty points into real-impact climate actions, using our portfolio of high-quality carbon projects.

Car Leasing

With Carbon Store API, you can calculate the emissions of your car fleet. You can easily compensate the emissions or, for example, offer premium services for your customers that include offsetting. With our custom dashboards, you can see and communicate about your impact.

Mobility and Logistics

If your business is about transporting people or goods, Carbon Store API is the right solution for you. Cargo, taxies, mobility applications, or apps that offer food and grocery deliveries are good examples of businesses that can use our API to calculate and offset their emissions or offer this to their customers.


When your employees need to travel, use our API to offset flights, car travel or accommodation. In case you are a service provider, you can calculate the emissions of your service, including flights, car rental, cruises, or accommodation and provide your customers the possibility to offset their emissions.

Your Own Use Case

Didn't find a suitable use case? Carbon Store API can be applied to various products and services if your plan is to automate carbon offsetting. Leave us a contact request and let's discuss more.

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How it works?


Use Compensate's powerful emissions calculators: Discover the carbon footprint of your products or services.


Start offsetting based on your calculations and make a real impact by getting access to our high-quality carbon project portfolio.

Funds & Invoicing

Charge your customers and register the offsets using our API. Compensate invoices you on a monthly basis.


Understand your total impact or review it on a customer or product-level with our impact reports. Communicate your actions to customers and improve customer experience.

Our value proposition for the Carbon Store API

Provide carbon neutral products or services

Nowadays, there’s more and more demand for sustainable products and services. As an example, our customer Saveur Bière experienced a return on investment (ROI) of 252% when they started offsetting the delivery of their products and communicated about it openly to their customers.

Offer voluntary compensation to your end-users

Improve your customer experience and communicate your climate actions to your customers by offering them a possibility to offset the emissions of their purchase.

Make a real impact with our high-integrity portfolio

When you register your carbon offsets using our API, you get access to our strictly curated and diverse carbon project portfolio. We go beyond international standards and ensure that the projects also have a positive impact on biodiversity, human rights, and for local communities.

Be fully transparent and share your climate actions

With our tool and reports, both you and your customers can understand how the funds are being used and what’s their climate impact. You can communicate of your actions transparently and avoid suspicions of greenwashing.

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