Fixably is motivated to protect our nature

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Fixably is a fast-growing SaaS provider located in Helsinki, Finland. Established in 2015 with a clear purpose, Fixably has created a complete service management system specifically designed and developed for repair and service businesses, including Apple Authorized Service Providers. Participating in the "Circular Economy" and promoting repairability are core parts of Fixably`s business. Fixably has aligned their business goals with reducing electronic waste, minimizing climate change, and avoiding the destruction of our planet.

Fixably, why is taking care of the climate and the environment important to your business?

The manufacture and distribution of consumer electronics play a big part in climate change and environmental pollution. Participating in the "Circular Economy" and promoting repairability are core parts of our business. Fixably aims to reduce resource and material use by encouraging repairability and preventing the many environmental issues caused by e-waste. Along with the environmental benefits, our company prospers as people increasingly opt to repair their devices and extend their useful lifetime.

Extending the lifetime of devices

We help to make repairs and after-sales services a lot more efficient through digitalization and automation. That means vastly more devices are repaired and remain usable much longer through the use of our software. We aim to help extend the lifetime of one billion devices and beyond. We want to provide crucial technological infrastructure to enable the emerging Circular Economy.

Prioritizing environmental impact

On the operational side, we prioritize environmental impact as a factor in our decision-making and encourage our employees to do the same. We’ve aligned our business goals with minimizing climate change and avoiding the destruction of our planet. Our product development has sustainability at its core. Every single feature we develop and add to the Fixably software helps our customers get better at providing repair services to their clients. Their businesses become more efficient and profitable, and their clients receive vastly improved service. When end users get a better experience from repair services, they lean even more towards opting for repairs rather than replacing devices.

What have you learned from all the work that you’ve done so far?

We are on a good path, business-wise, and have an ambitious vision for the future. We can do a lot more to help repair service providers worldwide and, through them, encourage more and more repairs. We’re working toward financial success to speed up the development of the ideas we have. Among other innovations, we will make it possible to do more repairs on even older devices in a way that’s profitable for our customers’ businesses.

The Repairability of electronic devices extend the usable lifetime

It’s good to see that most business decision-makers are now talking about climate change and its effect on their businesses. We rely on companies like Compensate to have the expert knowledge we need to take meaningful action. We need to have confidence that the impact of our efforts will be as intended and make a net positive contribution in fighting climate change. One good place to look for information about the repairability of electronic devices is For example, it provides good information about just how harmful electronic waste can be to the environment. It also gives you an idea about how much you can save as an individual by extending the usable lifetime of your devices.


Fixably is motivated to protect our nature

Experiencing the beauty and fragility of nature is probably the best source of motivation to protect it. Nature gives us a lot in return. Climate change will increase inequality globally and cause many problems for each and every person now alive. The pain may be even more severe for the generations to come. David Attenborough’s documentary is maybe one to mention for an inspirational crash course in what’s at stake.

What would you say to others who know they want to take climate action, but maybe haven't done so yet?

Any positive action on climate is a step in the right direction towards protecting our future existence. Sometimes it’s hard to see any immediate effect in the actions taken, but, as with everything else, small streams can lead to mighty flows. It’s a necessary journey for everyone on this planet… and future planets we may someday settle and populate. We still enjoy fresh air and water in many parts of the world. It’s worth the investment in more ways than anything else.

Reliable calculations

We felt Compensate’s focus represents our goals the best of all the options we considered. We learned that Compensate has a comprehensive and demanding process for selecting carbon offsetting projects for funding. Humanity can’t afford to miss our goals to limit global warming, so it’s important to know that the calculations are reliable. With Compensate, we know that Fixably’s climate impact is really going to be carbon-negative.

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“With Compensate, we know that Fixably’s climate impact is really going to be carbon-negative.”

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