Compensate and its community reach 1 million euros in climate action

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

After 17 operational months, Compensate has reached a great milestone: We have channeled over 1 million euros in compensation payments to carbon capture!

This 1 035 190 euros consists of individual carbon footprint subscriptions, compensation payments, and business partners’ compensation – varying from 5 cents to thousands a piece. 

This is already significant climate action, and an example of how small actions taken by many can together make a big difference for the climate.  

While much, much more is needed to save the climate, this milestone serves as inspiration: We, us writing this and you reading this text, are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We must take action for the climate, because when we do, hope follows, and through hope, we build solutions and innovation.

What exactly does 1 million euros in carbon capture enable?

Here’s what your compensation payments have enabled:

  • 254 271 carbon credits bought due to Compensate’s overcompensation model

  • the estimated climate impact, or the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere, comes to 93 310 tonnes of COe2

We use each and every cent of the compensation payments to fund projects that directly remove carbon from the atmosphere. Our portfolio is diverse, and projects range from traditional reforestation to cutting edge tech solutions.

In trees, that 1 million euros has enabled

  • the protection of forest area the size of 1 487 football fields

  • the planting of 1 515 660 trees

If we turn that into everyday action, this is like taking back

  • 777 500 000 cups of tasty coffee. If you drank 3 cups a day, it would take you 710 000 years to drink all of that. A Finnish challenge accepted?

  • 10 590 times flying around the world by jet plane

  • 424 000 000 km of driving with your old-fashioned gasoline car. That's the same as 7 000 roundtrips on the Pan-American highway from Alaska to Buenos Aires, measuring around 30 000 kilometres.

Here's the deal.

The atmosphere is already full of excess carbon dioxide. As we live and love, we all create emissions. To save the climate, we must minimize emissions and remove the extra CO2 from the atmosphere.

That's why #WeCompensate – not because it gives us a reason to keep on creating emissions, not because it would clear our conscience, but because we must, in order to save the climate.

Celebrate this milestone with us by sharing your climate action with #WeCompensate – if we got to 1 million in 17 months, how quickly can we get to 2 million?

Compensate is here to enable easy access to the highest-quality carbon capture – for businesses and for individuals. Together,  we can make a difference. Ways to take action:

Download the Compensate app to calculate and compensate your climate impact:

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Compensate in Google Play

Take action as a business:

Compensate for e-commerce

Compensate for company emissions

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