Saveur Bière is on a journey towards carbon negative with a great ROI

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Saveur Bière found tangible financial benefits in pursuing a more sustainable ecommerce business

Saveur Bière is France's market-leader for online beer sales, offering an ever growing range of bottled beers, beer pumps, beer glasses, and beer assortments. Saveur Bière and Compensate partnered up in aims to prove that climate action is good for every line of business.

Consumers have an appetite for pursuing a net zero life

As businesses look to enact climate pledges, and reduce their carbon footprint, the first steps need not be daunting. As evidenced by the Compensate and Saveur Bière test, those initial actions toward climate action can have an immediate positive effect - and even enhance the bottom line. The  beer industry has a high level of CO2, starting with the production process where a lot of water is used, the energy needed for fermentation, the production of bottles and finally, the transportation and shipping of the finalised product. Saveur Bière wanted to take responsibility for these emissions and show how small actions can contribute to changing the world. Being a leader in the distribution sector, Saveur Bière felt they must extend their effects and take action. The pilot scheme worked through Saveur Bière customers being told that the company were going to offset the delivery of their order through Compensate’s carefully curated portfolio of carbon capture projects. Upon completion of an order, customers in the test group were informed that the emissions arising from the delivery of the products would be offset by Saveur Bière. Customers in the control group, however, were not informed about this initiative. The additional cost for Saveur Bière  of offsetting emissions came to around 0,22 € per order. Through A/B testing over several months, Saveur Bière experienced a return on investment (ROI) of 252% which was an outstanding result. Just as interestingly, the test resulted in an uplift conversion rate of 1.7% (anywhere between 1.5 and 5% being optimal and a fine outcome in ecommerce, where marginal gains garner hugely positive outcomes). These numbers, for an already booming ecommerce shop, a European market leader no less, shows that consumers have an appetite for pursuing a net zero life and that companies will be rewarded with customer loyalty. Especially when the decision - and its impact - is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Saveur Bière is on journey towards carbon negative with a great ROI 

Remarking on the success of the project, Julien Lemarchand, CEO of Saveur Bière, said: “The idea for this project came after I spoke to my friend Thomas Tonder and we decided to explore how Saveur Bière could become carbon neutral - what it would look like, how we enact the change, and what those first steps would look like. “My early conversations with Compensate blew me away. Their approach and outlook - especially their views on integrity, and making sure that offsetting projects are sound the whole way through - made them the absolute best partner for Saveur Bière. “Now the pilot has been completed, and the numbers speak for themselves. We knew all along that sustainable decisions were the right ones, but now the financials add up too. I hope the case of Saveur Bière shows our peers that change is possible, and that those first steps may not be as daunting as they may seem.” With Compensate’s help, Saveur Bière’s goal is to launch e.g.  a ‘Beery Christmas’, a carbon neutral advent calendar, by the end of 2022. Additionally, Saveur Bière is working on offsetting the whole logistics flow and expanding from the current scope of shipments and returns.

Elina Kajosaari, CEO of Compensate, on the project, said that: “Every business, every individual, has the power and opportunity to save the planet. Some changes are larger than others, but the most important decision is taking that first step toward living a more sustainable future. "Having been connected by Thomas Tonder, Compensate set to work on enabling Saveur Bière to understand and visualise what carbon neutral business looks like, and how they, a successful ecommerce company, could reduce their total net emissions. “The pilot has been a success and we hope it illustrates the immense and deep benefits to businesses of pursuing a sustainable life.

About Saveur Bière

Saveur Bière is a startup, founded in Lille in 2007, that is, today, the leading ecommerce beer retailer in France. 

Julien Lemarchand founded Saveur Bière and remains CEO, following the acquisition of parent company, InterDrinks , by AB InBev in 2016. In addition to its dominance in the French market, Saveur Bière has strong sales in Scandinavia.

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