Compensate webinar:
How to start taking climate action and set climate targets?

How to take climate responsibility? What kind of climate targets to set?

In this webinar, our Chief Impact Officer Niklas Kaskeala discusses the topic by giving concrete tips and examples for companies to start their journey to carbon negative.

In addition, our customer Varusteleka ("Gear Hammer") tells more about their climate action and targets. Varusteleka is an army and outdoor store that serves online customers worldwide. The company started its climate action as an initiative of the founder and owner, Valtteri Lindholm.

Varusteleka has, for example, calculated the carbon footprint of its own products and shares this information with customers on the web store. The emissions calculations also allow Varusteleka to analyze which emissions cannot be justified and what emissions can be avoided or reduced. Varusteleka's Irresponsibility Coordinator Minja Orava shares the learnings of this work and Valtteri Lindholm tells more about why climate action has become one of the strategic goals of the company.

This webinar is suitable for all organizations that are interested in start taking climate action. The event took place on October 2022 and is now available as a recording.

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Webinar: How can SMEs take climate action

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