Sustainability statement

Let's build a carbon negative future!

To mitigate climate change, we must radically reduce our emissions. However, this alone is not enough: in addition, excess carbon dioxide must be removed from the atmosphere. To ensure both ecological and social sustainability, these carbon capture efforts must be thoughtfully planned, operated, verified and monitored.

Compensate is committed to the following:

Climate integrity promise

Everything we do at Compensate must contribute to reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere: either by helping individuals make more climate-aware choices, or through supporting carbon capture projects. We use compensation payments in full to buy certified carbon credits – thus reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Compensate's project criteria and independent Scientific Advisory Panel help us identify the most cost-effective, reliable and sustainable means of capturing carbon dioxide.

Built-in overcompensation

With Compensate’s built-in overcompensation, more carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere than what a product, service or activity causes. Overcompensation is necessary to tackle the uncertainties related to carbon capture methods and carbon footprint calculations. It is also vital because humanity has a decades long carbon debt to repair.

Ensuring a positive handprint

Unless sustainably operated, carbon capture projects can create negative effects on society and the environment. We need to minimize these negative effects and support the possibilities for the positive. A ‘do no harm’ principle is not enough, and therefore Compensate is working to ensure we only operate with projects with a net positive impact on the environment, biodiversity, local communities, and other stakeholders.

Partners committed to climate action

Compensate partners with companies and organizations committed to reducing and minimizing their carbon footprint. Collaborating with Compensate and offering compensation possibilities must always be preceded by actions which reduce the partner’s emissions and overall negative impact on the climate.

Radical transparency

Compensate operates under a strict commitment to openness and transparency, using consumer cents to buy certified carbon credits from certified, high-quality carbon capture projects and disclosing our finances for everyone to see. On , anyone can take a look at our bank statements, project invoices, and more. In addition, reducing emissions is in the core of Compensate’s communications, encouraging and helping individuals to avoid and minimize emissions.

This sustainability statement was last modified on April 24, 2020.