Compensate webinar: How to set your climate targets?

A pathway to net zero and carbon neutrality

More and more corporations have made climate commitments. However, due to the lack of standards and common definitions, companies have difficulties in setting their goals and aligning their actions with climate science and the Paris Agreement. 

In this webinar, our expert panel shares their insights on what needs to happen to ensure high integrity corporate climate claims. In addition, we reveal the main findings of our white paper, Getting the Claims Right, that provides corporate decision makers a pathway to make credible net zero and carbon neutrality claims and avoid greenwashing. 

We are also taking a closer look at the role of carbon offsetting in reaching corporate climate targets. According to the third part of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, not even radical emissions reductions are enough anymore. Methods for removing CO₂ from the atmosphere are “unavoidable” if the world is to reach net zero.

The webinar panelists are:

  • Owen Hewlett, Chief Technical Officer, Gold Standard
  • Tuuli Kaskinen, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Leadership Coalition CLC
  • Sadie Frank, Programme Manager, CarbonPlan
  • Niklas Kaskeala, Chairman, Compensate Foundation

The event is hosted by Compensate’s CCO Matti Fouchault-Airasmaa

The webinar was held on May 3rd 2022. Download the free webinar recording to learn more about transparent and reliable climate claims, the role of compensation, and how to set your net zero and carbon neutrality targets. 

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Webinar: How to set your climate targets?

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Download our white paper: Getting the Claims Right

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