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White paper 2023 “From carbon to nature: What the biodiversity markets can learn from the voluntary carbon market?”

The biodiversity markets serve as a means to direct private sector funding toward actions that preserve and restore biodiversity. Private and public initiatives are paving the way for the rapid development of biodiversity credits, certification schemes, and projects.

The market has the potential to preserve and restore biodiversity, but there are serious risks involved if unregulated markets are implemented badly.

Download the white paper to understand the status of the fast-evolving biodiversity market and learn what it can learn from the voluntary carbon market. 

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From carbon to nature: What the biodiversity markets can learn from the voluntary carbon market?

Webinar: How to make a robust non-offset climate claim?

Watch the webinar recording to explore corporate climate claims beyond traditional offsetting and discover how these claims help avoid greenwashing risks while maintaining climate action integrity. Read more and watch the webinar recording .

White paper 2023: From crisis to confidence

Download the white paper to learn about the integrity of the voluntary market and how to overcome the challenges.

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White paper 2023: Non-offset claims

Learn about non-offset claims that empower companies to take responsibility for their climate impact in diverse ways. Read more in our white paper.

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White paper 2022: Getting the claims right

How to make credible and transparent net zero or carbon neutrality claims? What is the role of compensation in corporate climate targets? Read more on our white paper.

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White paper 2021: Reforming the voluntary carbon market

90% of carbon capture projects fail our criteria – but why? Carbon capture is only useful if done well: our white paper outlines where that works needs to start.

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Webinar recording: How to set your climate targets?

More and more corporations have made climate commitments. However, due to the lack of standards and common definitions, companies have difficulties in setting their goals and aligning their actions with climate science and the Paris Agreement. In this webinar recording we:

  • Share insights on what needs to happen to ensure high integrity corporate climate claims
  • Reveal the main findings of our white paper, Getting the Claims Right
  • Take a closer look at the role of carbon offsetting in reaching corporate climate targets

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Guide to purchase high integrity carbon offsetting

For offsetting to truly make a difference, it must be done well. In this guide, we present a checklist for companies that are purchasing carbon offsetting. There are, for example, these kinds of challenges with carbon credits:

  • The potential deforestation threat in protected areas can be based on intentionally exaggerated predictions
  • The uncertainties related to carbon projects haven't been mitigated with risk diversification and/or overcompensation
  • The predicted future climate impact of the project is unsure. For example, we cannot know what will happen to trees that have been planted today.

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Factsheet: Beyond Value Chain Mitigation (BVCM) in practice

Many institutions now mention beyond value chain mitigation as something that companies should start implementing, in addition to committing to science-based climate targets. But what does this mean in practice? In our factsheet, you can learn more about BVCM:

  • What is beyond value chain mitigation?
  • What kind of investments companies can make when implementing beyond value chain mitigation?
  • Ensuring the positive impact of carbon credits used for BVCM

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Webinar recording: How to purchase high quality offsetting?

In this webinar, our Chief Impact Officer Niklas Kaskeala discusses about characteristics of a good carbon credit. We present some of Compensate's carbon projects and tell more about why we have decided to include these projects in our portfolio. We also discuss what kind of climate claims companies can make when they have compensated for their emissions.

This webinar is suitable for all companies and organizations that are interested in carbon offsetting and want to ensure that their investment has the true climate impact.

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Webinar recording: How to start taking climate action and set climate targets?

Our customer Varusteleka ("Gear Hammer") tells more about their climate action and targets in this webinar. The company has, for example, calculated the carbon footprint of its own products. Varusteleka's expert Minja Orava shares the learnings of this work and the company’s founder Valtteri Lindholm tells more about why climate action has become one of the strategic goals of the company.

In addition, Compensate’s Chief Impact Officer Niklas Kaskeala discusses the topic by giving concrete tips and examples for companies to start their journey to carbon negative.

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Webinar recording: COP27 - key takeaways

What should companies know about the decisions made in COP27? Compensate's experts are summarizing the key points in our webinar that was held right after the conference. Download the recording to hear more.

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