Compensate webinar: How to purchase high quality offsetting?

How to ensure the true climate impact of carbon offsets? How can companies avoid greenwashing when compensating for their emissions?

Compensate has evaluated over 170 nature-based carbon projects, and 90% of these projects fail our criteria that go beyond international standards (e.g. Gold Standard, Verra). There are high quality carbon credits available in the market but finding these requires hard work, expertise, and critical thinking. 

In this webinar, our Chief Impact Officer Niklas Kaskeala discusses about characteristics of a good carbon credit. We take a closer look at, for example, these criteria for carbon offsets:

  • Reliability: Projects shouldn’t be based on unrealistic and intentionally exaggerated predictions of the potential deforestation threat.
  • Realized climate impact: The accepted practice is that offsetting takes place with carbon credits that are sold after the carbon removal or emission avoidance has taken place, not the other way around.
  • Double counting: This refers to a situation where two parties claim the same carbon removal or emission reduction. This is highly problematic, as two parties cannot claim credit for the same climate action.

In addition, we present some of Compensate's carbon projects and tell more about why we have decided to include these projects in our portfolio. This webinar is suitable for all companies and organizations that are interested in carbon offsetting and want to ensure that their investment has a true climate impact. We also discuss what kind of climate claims companies can make when they have compensated for their emissions.

This webinar was held on September 7th 2022 and you can now watch the webinar recording.

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Webinar: How to purchase high quality carbon offsetting

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