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Tailored Offsetting

Compensate's Impact as a Service in a nutshell

  • Compensate can calculate emissions with you or validate existing calculations.
  • We offset your business emissions with high impact Compensate Credits.
  • A branded impact dashboard helps you to communicate your climate action transparently.
  • Our communications experts help you to form the right climate claim and review your materials like press releases.
  • A dedicated account manager guides you along the way and helps you with your questions.

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Emission calculations help you to get started

Understand the amount and sources of your emissions

If you haven’t calculated your emissions yet, our experts will calculate your carbon footprint according to the accounting standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Compensate will provide you with a data collection file to fill to the best of your knowledge and the level of detail available to you. We will guide you through the data collection process and then calculate your carbon footprint, following the latest emission factors.

Results are provided as an Emission Calculation Report, where emissions are categorized in scopes according to the GHG Protocol and notable emission reduction potentials are highlighted.

Get access to the high impact Compensate Credit

We offset your applicable scope of emissions with the Compensate Credit. The Compensate Credit is a high-quality carbon credit based on a diverse portfolio of carbon projects that meet tight criteria related to climate integrity, biodiversity, social justice, and human rights. It complies with international standards (Gold Standard, Verra), but is more selected and does not include any projects that would lead to double counting

The credit provides the best impact-cost ratio and it has an in-built overcompensation that mitigates risks related to carbon projects and enables a more robust compensation claim compared to standard carbon credits.

By default, the Compensate Credits finance 80% of nature-based projects and 20% of engineered approaches. For large emission volumes, this ratio can be adapted according to client preferences.

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"Compensate’s rigorous and transparent approach aligns with our founding principle to know the causes of things, for the betterment of society."

- Charles Joly, Head of Sustainability, The London School of Economics and Political Science

"The portfolio approach has lots of similarities compared to our business. The diversified portfolio mitigates risks but also aims for the highest possible impact and benefits."

- Linda Lund, Sustainability Developer, Ålandsbanken

Communicate about your impact transparently

Our Impact as a Service includes a client-specific dashboard that allows you to track the use of your compensation payments, get a summary of the carbon projects that have been used, and have your climate impact visualized. The report contains:

  • The amount of CO2 you have captured, with concrete examples of what this equals as an impact
  • Carbon capture distribution: your investment by project type and investment by project
  • An introduction of the carbon projects, allowing the report users to learn more about them
  • The list of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals supported by your compensation

"It’s easy for us to guide our stakeholders to read more using this third-party report." - Johanna Kalli, Director of Customer Education, Smartly.io

Get help with your climate claims

Creating a climate claim and communicating about offsetting can be tricky. To avoid unintentional greenwashing and ensure that you provide your stakeholders with accurate information, we help you tell the world about your climate action with Compensate.

Typically, our customers turn to us when they are creating a press release, updating product information or sustainability related texts on their website, and posting about climate action on social media. We provide you with communications guidelines that contain the best practices on how to communicate about offsetting and our cooperation, and we answer your questions regarding your different materials.

Our materials support you with your communications

As our Impact as a Service customer, you get access to:

  • Compensate's brand portal assets
  • Best practices and examples
  • Images

Use Compensate's labels, for example:

  • On the website and online store
  • In packaging
  • In your stores and other premises

Your dedicated account manager helps you with all your questions

Compensate's account manager guides you along the way and makes sure the process repeats at the agreed frequency. You can turn to your account manager with any questions regarding our cooperation and offsetting.

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