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Carbon footprint calculator

Calculate your personal or your business carbon footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint

To understand how we can decrease emissions, we need to first know our carbon footprint and what it consists of. The Compensate app provides a carbon footprint calculator that allows you to calculate your personal carbon footprint, get tips on how to reduce it, and offset your emissions.

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Calculate your company’s carbon footprint

Companies are more and more expected to take climate responsibility. To reach the goals of the Paris Agreement, companies must decrease their emissions and compensate for the rest. We offer services that help you to calculate the carbon footprint of your company and offset your emissions. 

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What affects the personal carbon footprint?

Almost everything we do creates emissions: eating, traveling, shopping, and consuming energy at home, for instance. As an example, 68% of the emissions in Finland are caused by households. According to the Finnish Environment Institute, the choices we make in our everyday life can reduce our emissions up to 37%.

The single biggest emissions are caused by personal transportation and travel, food, and household emissions. According to the most recent UN Convention to Combat Desertification report, food systems account for 80% of deforestation, 29% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the leading share of biodiversity loss.  

You can reduce your carbon footprint, for example, by following these principles:

  • Flying is the single most important source of emissions for individuals. Your carbon footprint is 40% lower annually if you don’t do a long-haul flight, and domestic traveling is also cheaper. With the carbon footprint calculator on the Compensate app, you can screen the emissions caused by flying. 
  • A diet that mainly includes plant-based products is not just climate-friendly but also good for your health. Giving up eating meat will reduce your carbon footprint by 7% annually. If you also don’t use milk products your emissions will be cut by 12% altogether
  • Even if you own a car, you can still utilize other forms of transportation. As an example, cycling is a great way to go around a city. If you primarily use public transport, shared-use vehicles, shared rides, and cycling your carbon footprint will decrease even by 18%.
  • If you use an electric car instead of a gas-powered car you can decrease your emissions by 14% annually.
  • Change the electricity you are using to renewable energy. If you are using wind power your carbon footprint is decreased by more than 5%. Nowadays, the cost of wind power is almost the same as fossil-based energy.
  • Only buy things you truly need. This way, your emissions are cut by 9% annually and it also saves money. 

(Source: The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra )

Download the Compesate app and calculate your carbon footprint:


How can companies calculate their carbon footprint?

The emissions caused by companies can be divided into three categories :

  • Scope 1 emissions are so-called direct emissions. These include everything a company owns or has control over, for example, emissions caused by cars the company owns or uses. 
  • Scope 2 consists of indirect greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with electricity, steam, heat, or cooling. 
  • Scope 3 includes all the other indirect emissions from the company's value chain including purchased goods and services, business travel, and daily commuting to and from work.

When a company wants to calculate its carbon footprint, it is important to screen emissions in the whole value chain and recognize the biggest sources of emissions. When starting to calculate emissions, it is easy to start with flights, electricity, offices, and purchases. 

In our Carbon Store , you can find carbon footprint calculators that allow you to easily calculate and offset the emissions of your business. We also offer tailored solutions for those companies looking for an all-inclusive service. Leave us a contact request and let’s discuss more.

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