Compensate combats climate change by offering everyone easy access to high-quality carbon projects.

Naming Compensate

Compensate offers businesses and individuals easy access to high-quality carbon projects. Compensate consists of Compensate Operations Ltd, which runs the day-to-day business operations of the group, and the nonprofit Compensate Foundation, which focuses on advocacy work to improve the integrity of the voluntary carbon market. Compensate Foundation fully owns Compensate Operations Ltd. Unless absolutely necessary for context, Compensate is referred to as Compensate.



Compensate Foundation

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WeCompensate Foundation

Compensate Foundation and Operations

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Communications principles

Compensate's communications are built on three core principles:

1: Communication aims to empower, focuses on solutions, and encourages action.

2: Communication elaborates on the reasoning for compensating.

3: Communication builds credibility through transparency, truthfulness, and concreteness.

The narrative

Compensate's core narrative moves from the necessary wake up call to action.

The wake-up call

”There is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. To combat climate change, we must reduce our emissions, but it is not enough. We must also remove the excess CO2.”


”We know how to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, and the climate crisis can still be resolved.”


”The responsibility for the atmosphere is on each of us. We will only stop the climate crisis if individuals and businesses are empowered to take responsibility and action.”


”Through offsetting, we can efficiently and verifiably capture carbon and build carbon sinks. To make a difference, offsetting must be done well.”

Tone of voice

Compensate's tone of voice across all applications is built on hope, openness, engaging ownership, and on putting solutions first.


Compensate builds dialogue by showcasing the positive possibilities and the impact of choices. Individuals will only take action when they are empowered to do so.

Focus on solutions

Compensate focuses on solutions, encouraging both individuals and businesses to take responsibility and action for the climate. When we work together, we succeed.

Engaging ownership

Working together is how we solve the climate crisis. Compensate does not assign guilt or blame on any individual or organization, but instead builds ways for everyone to participate.


Just as Compensate discloses its finances and projects for everyone to see, communication is always open and transparent.

On social media

Compensate uses English as its primary language on social media and in all communications. However, all of Compensate’s partners are encouraged to use the language which makes the most sense for their specific brand.



#WeCompensate is the primary hashtag, as it refers both to Compensate precisely and to us all as a community taking action for the climate. We must save the climate! That’s why #WeCompensate.


#Compensate can be used in addition, if referring to Compensate as an operator, and if using a tag or a handle does not make sense.

Compensate on social media

Compensate’s handles are @wecompensate on Twitter, @compensatefoundation on Instagram, and Compensate on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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