You’re in the business of climate too – a note from Compensate’s CEO

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The writer Elina Kajosaari is Compensate’s CEO.

“Climate risk is investment risk,” concluded BlackRock's CEO Larry Fink in his annual letter to chief executives last month as BlackRock announced it has put climate at the center of its investment strategy.

Two weeks ago, the largest US automaker General Motors announced it will transition to fully electric vehicles by 2035. The decision was part of G.M.’s broader plan to become carbon neutral by 2040. G.M. is actually joining the party a bit late – major automakers have now signalled the start of a new era.

Last week, the Eurosystem central banks – the 19 national central banks of the euro area and the European Central Bank – announced a common stance for applying sustainable and responsible investment principles. 

So yes, climate emergency is a risk. But it also presents a historic opportunity.

It has profound implications for every company and every business model in one way or another.

Corporations that actively plan with climate change in mind bring in higher ROIs than companies that aren't.

Consumers are more than ready too. 

The majority of consumers look to lower their own carbon footprint. This means consumers around the world are making adjustments in their shopping habits – and looking for companies to step up as partners in the quest for change. In fact, 81% of global respondents feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment. 

Companies that have a clear and measurable plan towards carbon neutrality will thrive. Greenwashing exercises with high PR value are not enough.

The momentum is here, and it is only accelerating. 

Now, it’s a matter of moving fast and making sure you’re part of the change. We are committed to being your partner of choice in this shift.

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"Greenwashing exercises with high PR value are not enough."

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