"The quality of our future is in our hands" – Climate conscious beauty with Aie cosmetics

Monday, September 14, 2020

For aie , taking care of the environment is no after-thought. The company carefully plans the logistics chain, knows the origins of all their materials and manufacturing, and makes sustainable choices wherever possible. In addition, aie compensates for the entire footprint of their operations with Compensate AND donates a part of their profits to ocean conservation, saving the seas from plastic. 

Aie, why is taking care of the climate and the environment important to your business?

Nature has always inspired our team both together and individually. Each of us has some special bond with the environment through our hobbies and private life. For example, our CEO is a sailor at heart and our R&D Head is a scuba diver. 

That said, it is only natural that from the beginning our business has been built upon strong environmental values. To us, taking care of the climate and the environment is a matter of respect and responsibility. We respect the environment as the system maintaining life on Earth and we feel that it is our responsibility to take action towards a comprehensively sustainable consumption culture. 

Many environmental issues such as the rising CO2 levels and plastic pollution in the oceans are urgent global concerns. These problems cannot be solved by individual players alone, but revolution towards sustainability requires actions, big and small. In this context, we felt the need to act. We believe that change is contagious, and therefore possible.

Apart from compensating, tell us about how aie takes climate and sustainability into account.

Through the compensation process, we have gathered a broad set of information about our emissions, considering the whole life-cycle of our products. This information has helped us to determine the carbon-intensive phases and emission sources along the product´s life-cycle. Based on the mapping, we are now considering new approaches and arrangements for our supply and management chain to decrease our CO2 emissions. 

Besides climate actions such as minimizing our carbon footprint and compensating, we are engaged in protecting and cleaning of the oceans. We are currently supporting the cleaning and protecting of the Baltic Sea in partnership with John Nurminen Foundation. For the future, we are planning projects that would broaden our scope of action to tackle the global problem of plastic pollution in the Oceans. 

Sustainability thinking and the aspects of environmental sustainability are also reflected in our product development process and final products. We aim to minimize the waste created in the production and consumption by easily reusable and recyclable design and packaging. Waste is also reduced by carefully thought product size, which aims to ensure that the whole product gets used. 

To tackle some of the environmentally harmful cosmetic industry practices, we have chosen not to use single-use samples in aie´s cosmetics. This is because single-use samples produced in large quantities create unnecessary waste and carbon footprint that could be avoided.

Why did you choose Compensate as your offsetting partner?

For us, compensation is an economic incentive encouraging us towards further emission reductions. This means that we aim to always prioritize the emission reductions and use the compensation as an incentive helping us achieve them. To support this incentive, we chose Compensate as our partner. Since a nonprofit organization does not lose profit from our emission reductions, we felt that the partnership with Compensate meets our purpose in truly minimizing our emissions. We were also inspired by Compensate's thorough approach in reviewing the carbon capture projects scientifically.

Who or what inspires you to take climate action?

We are inspired by the young generation taking the lead on climate policy and actions. The inspiration for action comes from the urgency of the cause but also from the feeling of new possibilities and acceptance for change. The growing level of environmental awareness is a strong incentive for us to continuously increase the ambition of our environmental performance, including climate action.  

Businesswise, organizations like Compensate have inspired us since day one.

What would you say to others who know they want to take climate action, but maybe haven't done so yet?

The quality of our common future is in our own hands. Taking care of the environment and the climate is an urgent necessity but it is also a possibility.  Climate actions are tomorrow's currency. Please do join the forces for a healthy planet Earth.

If you want to join the #WeCompensate family of partners, contact our team today!

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