Our mission is to revolutionize the way people and companies take responsibility for the climate

Compensate is a nonprofit combating climate change by offering everyone easy access to highest quality carbon capture.

We are building easy access to the highest quality carbon capture. By combining both the nonprofit and the startup mindset, our scalable business model ultimately serves people and the Earth.

The Compensate team and its advisers include climate change experts, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, communications professionals, and an independent panel of world-renowned scientists. Compensate’s finances are structured for radical transparency. All operations must be funded independently by grants and donations, ensuring that compensation payments go directly to carbon capture.

Compensate Foundation owns 100% of Compensate Operations Ltd, which is responsible for the daily operations of the foundation. Compensate's partner companies pay a license fee to Compensate Operations Ltd.

Compensate is headquartered in Helsinki.

This is our promise:

Everything we do contributes to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Whenever we create CO₂ emissions, we should commit to removing at least an equal amount from the atmosphere. This should be an automatic, natural part of our everyday lives, and for that we need a system.

This is why Compensate exists.

We are building a carbon marketplace built on full transparency and integrity, setting a new standard for the carbon market industry. As a result, climate action and responsibility become a part of our everyday lives and we can enable the larger systemic change required to combat climate change.

We offer solutions for a carbon negative future

A curated carbon capture portfolio

Delivering true, sustainable impact

Like investment managers manage a fund to deliver the best value, Compensate manages a diverse carbon capture portfolio to deliver the best climate impact. We use each compensation payment in full to purchase certified carbon credits from the projects in it. The portfolio is dynamic and frequently evaluated to deliver the best climate impact in the most sustainable way. 20% of the portfolio is dedicated to innovative methods of carbon capture.

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Overcompensation to ensure positive impact

Going carbon neutral is not enough

Overcompensation is absolutely necessary to save the climate, for three reasons. First, 1:1 compensation only achieves carbon neutrality at best, it does not remove CO₂ from the atmosphere. Second, we have a historical responsibility to remove CO₂, because the ”safe level” of 350 ppm was surpassed in 1987. Lastly, overcompensation mitigates the climate integrity risks involved in all carbon capture projects and the uncertainties in carbon footprint calculations.

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Radical transparency

No cuts from compensation payments

You deserve to know how your money is used. Transparency is at our core. We don't take any cuts on your compensation payments and disclose our finances for everyone to see. Because we keep compensation payments separate from our own operational costs, our interests align with yours: to reduce CO₂ emissions, and compensate for the unavoidable.

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Compensate your business emissions

Freelancers and small businesses

Easily calculate and compensate your business' carbon footprint, and track the impact of your offsetting, all in one in our Compensate Plus service. With multiple emission calculators to choose from, you are in control of which areas you want to track and how. Calculate your emissions on the go daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, without expensive consultants. Offsetting lets you take climate action for your still unavoidable emissions. Then you’re on the right track to reduce them!

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Compensate API


Compensate’s API gives you access to a vast, ever-growing database of emission calculations on product, service and category levels. The API calculates the price of offsetting instantly, giving you near real time access to Compensate’s highly selective carbon capture portfolio and lets you and your customers easily take climate action.

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Tailored business solutions


Whether your customers are individuals or businesses, or if you are looking to utilize existing calculations for offsetting, Compensate can be integrated into a variety of products, services and businesses. Or perhaps you have a totally new idea? We’ll connect you to the highest quality carbon capture in the market, and support you in emissions calculations, concept design, and communications.

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Climate action for everyone

The Compensate Climate Action app

With the Compensate Climate Action app, you can understand your personal carbon footprint, take action to reduce your CO₂ emissions and compensate for the rest! You can update your footprint and compensation subscription at any time, and see how your personal impact is adding up. If you need to fly, it's also possible to evaluate the climate impact of different flight options and compensate for your past and future flights. 

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How does Compensate use my money?

Users of Compensate can rest assured that Compensate takes no cuts from their payments. Compensation payments are used to purchase certified carbon credits, so that they can achieve maximum impact in combating climate change. Compensate deliberately keeps its own operations and administrative costs separate, relying on funding from other sources including license fees, grants and donations. Compensation fee may include third-party costs such as taxes or the fees taken by payment providers.

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Individuals and companies compensate for their unavoidable emissions


Compensate chooses the best available carbon capture projects using the project criteria and with the guidance of the Scientific Advisory Panel


Compensation funds are directed to chosen carbon capture projects. The project portfolio is optimized for the highest climate impact and Compensate takes no cuts.


As a result, carbon is removed from the atmosphere

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