Our mission is to revolutionize the way people and companies take responsibility for the climate

Compensate combats climate change by offering everyone easy access to the highest quality carbon projects.

We offer businesses and individuals easy access to the highest quality carbon projects. By combining both the nonprofit and the startup mindset, our scalable business model ultimately serves people and the Earth.

The Compensate team and its advisers include climate change experts, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, communications professionals, and an independent panel of world-renowned scientists.

Compensate Operations Ltd. and the non-profit Compensate Foundation work closely to improve the integrity of the voluntary carbon market. Compensate Operations Ltd. was previously fully owned by the Compensate Foundation, but as the business and the voluntary carbon market have evolved, the Ltd. has become a privately owned enterprise.

Compensate Operations Ltd. provides high-integrity offsetting services mainly for companies and other organizations. The Compensate Foundation focuses on reforming the voluntary carbon market. It operates on a non-profit basis and is fully funded by grants and donations.

Compensate is headquartered in Helsinki.

This is our promise:

Everything we do contributes to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Whenever we create CO₂ emissions, we should commit to removing at least an equal amount from the atmosphere. This should be an automatic, natural part of our everyday lives, and for that, we need a system.

This is why Compensate exists.

We are building a carbon marketplace built on transparency and integrity, setting a new standard for the carbon market industry. As a result, climate action and responsibility become a part of our everyday lives and we can enable the larger systemic change required to combat climate change.

Our Value Proposition

Scientific evaluation

Only 10% of screened carbon projects accredited by international standards, such as Gold Standard and Verra, pass our scientific evaluation criteria and can demonstrate a true climate impact.

A portfolio approach

We maximize your climate impact and mitigate risks by managing a dynamic and diverse portfolio of carbon projects with different methods around the globe.


Our in-built overcompensation mechanism mitigates risks related to carbon projects and uncertainties in carbon footprint calculations, providing a more robust compensation claim compared to standard carbon credits.

Impact beyond climate

We operate exclusively with carbon projects with a net positive impact on the environment, biodiversity, social justice, and human rights. Our projects support all the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Compensate Foundation

The Compensate Foundation focuses on advocacy work to improve the integrity of the voluntary carbon market. The voluntary carbon market enables businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations, universities, municipalities, and individuals to offset their emissions or to support projects that prevent emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere for other reasons. The Compensate Foundation also provides Compensate Climate Action app for individuals.

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White Paper 2023: Why and how to make a transparent and credible non-offset claim?

Download our white paper to understand how a company can use non-offset claims as a powerful tool for climate change mitigation.

White Paper 2022: Get the Claims Right and Avoid Greenwashing

How to make credible and transparent net zero or carbon neutrality claims? Download our white paper to learn more.

We offer solutions for offsetting the unavoidable emissions

Offset your business emissions

Compensate's Carbon Store offers easy access to the highest quality carbon projects

  • Purchase carbon credits to offset the unavoidable emissions of your business
  • Get access to free emission calculators to understand your emissions
  • Follow the impact of your carbon offsets in easy-to-understand terms
  • Communicate your climate actions with impact reports and certificates
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Tailored Carbon Offsetting

No resources to calculate your carbon footprint? Unsure about how to communicate your climate action? Our all-inclusive services cover everything: carbon footprint calculation, emission reports, carbon offsetting, climate impact dashboard, and communications support. For larger offsetting needs we may be able to tailor the portfolio of carbon projects according to your needs.

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How does Compensate use my money?

Users of Compensate can rest assured that Compensate maximizes its clients’ investments into carbon projects so that they can achieve maximum impact in combating climate change. Compensation payments are used to purchase certified carbon credits from the diverse and dynamic portfolio that is formed based on strict evaluation criteria. All projects are evaluated on climate impact, biodiversity, social issues, and human rights. The share of each project is determined by the project’s climate integrity score and its price, allowing for the best impact-cost ratio.

Compensation fee may include third-party costs such as taxes or the fees taken by payment providers.

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Individuals and companies compensate for their unavoidable emissions


Compensate chooses the best available carbon projects using the project criteria and with the guidance of the independend Network of Scientific Advisors


Compensation funds are directed to chosen carbon projects. The project portfolio is optimized for the highest climate impact.


As a result, carbon is removed from the atmosphere

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