Make every purchase decision a climate action

We calculate the carbon footprint of your customer’s order and shipment, and enable you to take action with your community.

Easy offsetting tool for e-commerce

Compensate is available on the major e-commerce platforms:

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Simple, impactful CO₂ compensation on demand

Easily install our app in just a few clicks. Compensate calculates the carbon footprint of your customer’s order when they add items to their cart. From there, our communications kit will help you tell the story to your customers and the world. And, we take no cuts from your customer's compensation payments.

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True impact, guided by science

Compensate uses the compensation funds to purchase certified carbon credits, and with our built-in overcompensation mechanism, a true climate impact is ensured. Projects are verified with leading global standards, but must also pass our own sustainability criteria, created together with our independent Scientific Advisory Panel.

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Sustainability helps your business

Reach more customers

Consumers are looking to live with sustainable, climate conscious brands.

Improve conversion

Making customers feel good about their purchase decision lowers barriers to buying.

Increase customer loyalty

Sustainable e-commerce brands experience higher loyalty, and customers are more likely to return after a positive experience.

Why choose Compensate

Carbon capture, guided by science

Compensate's project criteria and Scientific Advisory Panel of leading climate experts helps us identify the most cost effective, reliable and sustainable means of carbon capture, and manage a diverse carbon capture portfolio.

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Overcompensation to ensure impact

With our built-in overcompensation, more carbon dioxide is always removed than what a product, service or action causes. It ensures actual climate impact and tackles the risks involved in all carbon capture projects.

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Nonprofit with full transparency

We take no cuts from compensation payments. We use the funds to buy certified carbon credits, and always disclose our finances and projects for everyone to see.

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Looking for something else?

Whatever your offsetting needs, Compensate has a solution for your business. To make climate action trouble-free, Compensate helps any type of business offset everyday emissions and integrates into a variety of products and services.

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